At Lantern Academy we keep our syllabus short, simple & effective for our students making learn fun and productive.

We have tailor made our infants syllabus focusing on the 5 Pillars of Islam, Articles of Faith and the Life of our Beloved Muhammad (PBUH).

Juniors, ages 10+ start our 5 year Islamic Studies course, learning in depth about Islam. Alhamudililah we have seen great changes in behaviour and outstanding results with iSyllabus and continue to do so. 

Our Moto at Lantern Academy is 'Creating Beacons of Light' we aim to create brilliant characters in order to become like Muhammad (PBUH), Ambassadors of Muhammad (PBUH). 



Recite the way our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) did!

iQra Qaida App

We strongly recommend all parents to please download this app on your iOS devices to help your child at home with their sabak on the iQra Qaida.


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