Alhamdulillah our staff are well educated and experienced individuals. Our team consists of both male and female teachers, who are all qualified (or students) of well renowned, national and international institutes. The staff of Lantern Academy form a very effective team, which we believe is the core and backbone of our Academy.
We have female teachers for the girls and male teachers for the boys. Staff are thoroughly scrutinized before being considered for Lantern Academy, ensuring that they have the capability not only to teach and guide our next generation in the best possible manner, but also to become role models for them. We hope that children will leave Lantern Academy with an exemplary mark of piety and goodness embedded in their tender hearts for the rest of their lives.
May Allah, the Most Kind preserve each and every one of our teachers.

Muslim Girl Studying


All staff members have been trained to teach with Tajweed, they have also gained Ijaza to teach the Holy Qur'an.


Alhamudililah, all staff have been trained to teach our next generation in an effective manner. Staff have been trained to manage disruptive behaviour, create a calm and harmonious classroom atmosphere and utilise effective teaching methods.


All staff have been DBS checked and are safe to teach. All relevant checks have been carried out. Staff have been trained by RBSCP Safeguarding team too, to ensure all our students are kept safe at our Academy.


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